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Hello, so I recently got my own Steam account so I thought it would be nice to write something about the games I play on there and maybe compose a list of Otome games I've played before. Go ahead and add your own reviews as well.

Hatoful Boyfriend (link)
Summary: More of a parody, since all the characters are pidgeons
Story starts as a normal otome set-up, Japanese pidgeon highschool, familiar set of characters, but turns into some kind of sf murder mystery
Origin: Some Japanese manga author made it as a joke
Price: Paid <5 euros for it on Steam, might also be available for free somewhere
Completed: July 2018
Review SPOILERS): There are the familiar routes (where you end up with a pidgeon boyfriend) and some more creative ones (where you end up murdered), and a really long end game story where you get murdered and your fellow students try to find out how and why. I guess what I liked best about this game is the creative setup and bird puns. To say that it's completely awesome, nah, barely worth the money

Cinderella Phenomenon (link)
Summary: MC is a bitter princess who get cursed as a lesson to learn kindness, help break handsome boys break their curse in order to break her own and become a better princess
Completed: July 2018 (5 routes, good and bad endings)
Origin: By Dicesuki, crowd-funded, looks pro!
Price: free on Steam
Review: I really fangirled over this one, because of it being free and loooong and pretty and well-written. All the endings are really different and each boy in wrapped up in a different fairy tale. Only thing I kind of missed was what her curse had to do with Cinderella at all, and it was really hard to get a good ending without using the indicator or a walkthrough, you're only allowed 2 wrong answers or your hero dies a horrible death (and without the indicator it's almost impossible to see they are wrong). Anyway, I never got the "guided by intuition" achievement for playing without the indicator.

Locked Heart
Summary: The 3 bears from Goldilocks are actually cursed children that have now grown up and handsome and MC needs to break their curse
Completed: July 2018 (3 normal endings + 3 best endings)
Origin: Dicesuki's debut
Price: free, get it here: https://sitraxi...o/locked-heart
Review: It's kind of short and there isn't really a way to play towards the bear of choice or reach the best ending without using a walkthrough but all 3 routes are satisfying enough ^.^

Summary: Awakening out of hibernation, the last guy on earth almost kills you because he thinks you're a mutant, but then takes you into his junkyard shack, yay!
Completed: July 2018 (1 route, 2 endings)
Price: free, get it here: http://www.sonn...m/aloners.html
Review: Only 1 guy but it's fun how you can totally reject him if you want. Interesting sci-fi story, too.

Magical Otoge Ciel
Summary: Princess elopes with 2 knight brothers
Completed: July 2018 (3 routes)
Price: Free on Steam
Review: Actually I thought it was not that well written and pretty boring compared to other games

Amnesia: Memories
Summary: Girl with no memories needs to get them back within time limit
Price: got it at 90% discount on Steam
Status: Started all 4 routes
Review: 2 of the guys are sort of okay but the others are just plain creepy, and you can die in horrible ways.

The Royal Trap/The Confines of the Crown
Summary: Girl has been training young prince and now he has to find a bride
Price: got it discounted on Steam
Status: Complete
Review: I remember spending a lot of time in prison while innocent

Summary: Cinderella vs step mother and step sisters
Status: Complete
Review: Pretty art

Summary: Girl with no memories is adopted by Oz family
Price: got it discounted on Steam
Status: Played through some of the routes
Review: Fairy tale oriented. Some routes are cute but some are just perverted. Like on the 3 main guys routes there is a moment when one of the other guys tries to break you up. When you replay you get new cutscenes, which is interesting.

Hakuoki (Demon on the fleeting blossoms, PSP version)
Summary: Girl in search of her lost father is taken in by some of the last samurai
Status: Completed some years ago
Review: There were 6 routes, fully voiced, good game

Hakuoki (Kyoto Winds and Edo Blossoms)
Status: Partially played new routes
Review: There are 12 routes now. It's a bit random in kyoto winds (part I) who you end up with. And since Edo blossoms doesn't have any overlap you'd have to read through 12 different versions of fictionalized history. A bit tedious to complete (besides I doubt my progress will be saved after I uninstall it)

Rune Factory 4 (3DS)
Status: Started but never got very far with the dating sim part

A very splendid otome game (link)
Summary: It's about dating a Tiramisu that came to life
Status: Played years ago
Price: Free
Review: Very simple but funny and cute, it deserves to be archived

Summary: Girl tries to find out who the troll from her online game is irl
Status: Played years ago
Price: Free
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April 24, 2020 23:43 (4 years ago)
I've been enjoying this dress-up game, and was wondering what you thought of it. It unfortunately has the play-to-pay aspect to it, but I don't pay anything and still get plenty of items.
They also made an otome.
Ookami Kenran
April 25, 2020 8:25 (4 years ago)
I hear there's plenty of otome games for mobile but it's probably better that I stick to my pc.