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New to CPDD? Find out here what you need to know! (Tutorials)

Welcome! My name is Rin, and I'm here to give you a little sight-seeing tour around the site.

Making your character
This will probably be the first thing you do here. On the Dress-Up page you can play a little dress-up, name the character, and save. You can always go back to play dress-up with that same character, so there is no reason to make another one, ever.

After saving you may have noticed, your character got transferred to the "Your Character" section when you saved. You should now be able to choose an expression for your character. This doesn't really do anything, except for generating some code you could use to display your character around the web.

Registering your character
Once you save your character you will get the option to register it. Do this if you want to be able to participate in any social aspects of the site, like posting, or don't want your character to be taken over by someone else. None of the information you enter will be visible to others (except birthday, but you can choose to hide it). Hiding your online status will also keep people from inviting you to chat with them.

Once your character is registered, you can access your profile by clicking you avatar that is now in the top-right corner. You can put up a character description there if you want or add info about yourself. Here, people will be able to leave messages and private messages for you. Clicking on the characters of people who posted will lead you to their profiles; that is where you reply to their message. You can add links to the people you're stalking/friends using the [user] tags, described at the Information Booth.

Now go over to "Community" in the top menu. Follow the link to a thread called "Welcome to the dress-up!" and scroll down to the bottom on that page. There is a comment box there just like all the other Community threads. Choose a fitting expression for your character, write something you'd like to say, and submit. You just made your first post!

A thread in the mini forum shows the first post and the last 10 or so posts, you can also view older posts. It's possible to post comments on profiles and any other place you happen to find a comment box in. At this time it isn't possible to start your own threads, basically because there is no need to. The Information Booth has some rules about posting you should look into.

Earning more items
You may think your options to dress-up are very limited, but one of the most important features of this site is that people can submit their own items. The Artists link in the top menu lists the people who've done so. Items they've made appear in a special "Changing Booth" at their profile pages. You can read on how to make your own items at the User Submissions thread.

There are still more items to unlock, though. This site has had many events since it first started in the summer of 2008, that were set-up as puzzles! All past events are still available to be played over and over. After you solve a puzzle most event items will get added to their creators' changing booths and can also be found in the Lost and Found. You can monitor your adventuring progress in the "Your Character" section on the Dress-up page.

Something very handy on this site are the wiki pages, like this page you're on. They can be edited by a number of different authors, which is useful if you want to start a club, tutorial, shop or whatever you come up with. You can make you wiki public or private and invite people by adding them as authors. If you need a wiki, just ask a mod.

Instant chatting
You'll find a link in the top menu to the Chat. This is an area where you can send instant messages to others also in the Chat. Once in the Chat, your doll will appear on the right side of the door, and users whom are online but not chatting will be on the left. You can invite those users by clicking on the door!
There are a few things you can do besides chatting while in the Chat (or CB as some call it). Using the arrow buttons you can change your dolls direction and position among the users. If you face another user and your doll is holding an item, you can "Pass" it by clicking such button.
When you're on the Dress-up page you can see a list of users currently online, your friends, and below a quick-link to the Chat if any online users are chatting. To add a user to your friends, face them in the Chat and click the "Befriend" button.

Being a good user
Only chat in the designated areas of the mini forum and use common sense in what's okay and what's not. Listen to the moderators and report anything suspicious to them. Drop by, invite your friends, make suggestions, we can always use new ideas.

Finding more help
Some of this information may have been tough to understand. If you have further questions, you can post below or ask one of our moderators:

Karin, Azkhadellia, Rose Mouse, Alina_Mau and RoboticSoul.

Well, this was it, I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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Welcome to the site!

Not all event items will appear in the lost & found, just the ones that you cannot get to another way, because they were granted randomly. For the adventure type events your prizes will be lying around on the floor at fixed event locations.
Oh, thanks
um... hello! :)
question :-) lmao i forgot my Password and than received a new one. One with numbers. now i have no clue where to chnage that one D; Help? :-)
Right here:
Post by yomamma censored by Karin
Hola ! I need some help, I still dunno if I can become an artist or naw, and I mean my drawing, not by creating clothes . Help?
hi its amea, how do you get Missliamaness hair,
Oh hi, didn't see you there ^^'

You can check on someone's profile who created the items they're wearing. I'm not sure if I understand your wanting to become an artist question, just apply in the topic linked above I guess?
Is the profile character request still available?
Reminder: Tell new users to come here just after they registered