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Current Status : Stuff! :D

Hello everyone! Alina_Mau here but you can call me Alina or Mau Mau.

stuff will go here eventually XD

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Dawn of time - Became a cool kid
January 14th, 2011 - Joined Site
March 15th, 2011 - Became an Artist
June 3rd, 2011, Became a CPDD Mod
March 18th, 2013 - Mastered the art of Swag

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RIP Sir Leo of Mayhem
8/1/11 - 2/11/12

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Join date: January 14, 2011
Birthday: September 19
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You are simply adorable! <3
Elle Xias
Nuu~ You be telling lies. ♡♡♡
Elle Xias
O WO WHY BAII i was busy and had no net D:
[NPC] Takun
☺Hi!Your Chibi is so Pretty!☺ ♥♥
I like your Items!So cute ^^
you butt, I haven't seen you in foreves, we need to get on at the same time ;D;
Uhm... are you the owner? :3 Your cute. -u-
Thanks for greeting me :D ^^
-shakes alina-
Yeah I messaged you then:
"Alina I think you mean fave colorS XD
Blue, Purple, Pink (Light ones maybe like pastel-ish ones)"
Oh! Sorry..... ^_^

hehehe.......I will post on their profiles next time ^_^
Kawaii Chup-chup
hey cutie whats up
Eh. Just busy I guess. But I won't be for the next two weeks soo you'll probably see me on more often. But then school starts towards the end of August so blehh. But I guess thats all XD?
Hi Alina!!

I'm almost 3 months in this site and I'm so happy here!!! I love everything here! I can share fun stuffs to others and I can easily get along with different people from all over the world!!!

Thank you all of of the mods here who built this community and more power!! ^_^

Your fellow Chibidoll and friend,
Kawaii ♥
Kawaii Chup-chup
Alina! You Alive?!
Your welcome ^_^
Kawaii Chup-chup