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Working on things for the site, please keep me company while I'm in the chat ^^

Site Mission
To provide a carefree, accessible place for people to expand their creative abilities.

About me
Yes, I am the administrator
ASL: 29/female/Delft, The Netherlands
Birthday: December 8
Art: Online portfolio
3DS friend code: 3050 - 7703 - 9542

Random facts about me
Graduated from university in 2009 and now working as a software engineer. Started this site in 2008. I live with my husband and bunny. You may know me from sites such as Elftown, Gaia and Kingdom of Knuffel. My laptop is pink.

Random things I enjoy
Graphic tablets, music, karaoke, martial arts, artificial intelligence, robots, game design, cartoons, laser tag, bunnies, camping, golf, science fiction movies, web comics, manga & anime, swans, sushi, planet earth, point-and-click adventure games, instant noodles.

Currently reading/watching/playing
Pokemon Soulsilver, Hakuoki, Pimsleur's How to speak French

External links
My Gaia hangout: Noodles & Doodles

Oh, and thank all you guys for your lovely fan art! ^_^

Personal Quotes
A bunny is a type of scissors.

Join date: September 3, 2008
Birthday: December 8
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Name: Stimpy
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 2nd
Age: 4 years
Owner: Karin
Adopted: May 2nd, 2010

Did you finish clannad?:D
Would you still like me to create the CPDDU Instagram?
Yay!!! :D
I'm so happy you liked it ^^
Karin, the front page booth is broken. :O!
My avatar shows up on the wrong side of the chatbox door when I'm in there.
Thank you Karin! I'm sorry I don't come on the site often. My work is so draining, all I can do when I'm home is be a vegetable!
Rose Mouse
I think registration is broken again
My PM's aren't displaying right.
I am off all day on Sunday if you want to try and set something up~! :)
Thank you so much, Karin! You've done it! ^^
Hi!!!! ^_^
Kawaii Chup-chup
Thanks for the tip! I'm such a newb.
hi there how are you
Hi!!! Look I found something cute!

Kawaii Chup-chup