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My daughter was born May 3rd!

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To provide a carefree, accessible place for people to expand their creative abilities.

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Yes, I am the administrator
ASL: 30/female/Delft, The Netherlands
Birthday: December 8
Art: Online portfolio
3DS friend code: 3050 - 7703 - 9542

Random facts about me
Graduated from university in 2009 and now working as a software engineer. Started this site in 2008. I live with my husband, daughter and bunnies. You may know me from sites such as Elftown, Gaia and Kingdom of Knuffel. My laptop is pink.

Random things I enjoy
Graphic tablets, music, karaoke, martial arts, artificial intelligence, robots, game design, cartoons, laser tag, bunnies, camping, golf, science fiction movies, web comics, manga & anime, swans, sushi, planet earth, point-and-click adventure games, instant noodles.

Currently reading/watching/playing
Doctor Kawashima's Brain Training

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My Gaia hangout: Noodles & Doodles

Oh, and thank all you guys for your lovely fan art! ^_^

RIP Usagi, my sweet little bunny


Join date: September 3, 2008
Birthday: December 8
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Karin was last seen on November 24, 2015 (3 days ago)
Name: Stimpy
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 2nd
Age: 5 years
Owner: Karin
Adopted: May 2nd, 2010

Hehe thanks Karin~!
I use that website from time to time. Gaia is rarely down, but if it is people will post comments so I can tell why it's down.
I thought Gaia was dying when they went all overboard with gold generators and new item releases and the removal of zomg last year. But it's still standing. It might still be around for a while.

Anyways, I was checking the chatbox to see if I could find you here in case you wanted to play SWTOR. But you're not here :x
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Hello! Sorry for the long absence. I moved last fall and there has been a lot of stuff going on constantly since then. Things seem to be settling now though.
Your profle is cute ❤️