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September 23, 2008 2:38 ()
What do you think of Chibi Pixel Doll Dress-Up and what do you think will make it a site you want to keep going to every day?

Please give your feedback about (the latest) site features here!

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February 11, 2015 0:23 (6 years ago)
Me to
December 27, 2019 1:08 (16 months ago)
Minor release: I've opened the event section on the beta site, which has Halloween 2008 listed as fully playable. More events will be readded when their compatibility has been tested. We still have to improve the graphics as well.
January 5, 2020 2:57 (15 months ago)
Minor release: Xmas event 2008 is now playable on the beta site. I forgot how huge it was.
January 7, 2020 17:53 (15 months ago)
I don't really like the navigation arrows we are using right now, we need ones that are cuter!
January 9, 2020 6:53 (15 months ago)
Do you have something in mind?
Ookami Kenran
January 9, 2020 8:42 (15 months ago)
Happy new year! Would you like to give it a go? I think I'd like a fatter arrow, still pixel art, which matches the default logo colors. Large enough so it'd be easier to click on a phone. Oh and a highlighted version to indicate you're about to click something, even if you can't see that on a phone...
January 13, 2020 20:19 (15 months ago)
You said you wanted it to match the default logo... I am not familiar w/ imgur, but I can get you the layers so you can do the recolor thing with them too. What do you think though?
Ookami Kenran
January 13, 2020 20:49 (15 months ago)
Ooh looks nice I like the simplicity! Could you use the same blues as the logo?
February 1, 2020 1:57 (14 months ago)
New feature! We now have [dice] BBCode, use as follows: [dice]<number of normal dice you want to roll>[/dice] or [dice]3d20[/dice] number of 20-sided dice you want to roll (or any other number of sides), have fun!
September 19, 2020 0:55 (7 months ago)
I worked on the site omg! Stickies and oekakis.
October 18, 2020 20:01 (6 months ago)
Kept working on the site! We now have a hug button for friends in the chat box and mobile friendly event graphics. Also the logo at the top is now clickable and leads to "Home". And you can dress up at the page that gives item details, if you have access to that item.
October 24, 2020 12:56 (5 months ago)
Can I get some feedback on the "previous avatars" feature? I think it might need some updates to actually be useful, but I don't know exactly what to change.
October 24, 2020 22:43 (5 months ago)
I think just having more control overall actually, maybe having an X so you can remove one that you're not interested in keeping could be nice and a button to "lock" an outfit from going out of circulation.
October 25, 2020 21:40 (5 months ago)
Cool, Sacha seems to expect to be able to use that feature to "make dolls" so I'd like to make it more intuitive. At the same time I like how it automatically keeps a history.
October 27, 2020 0:14 (5 months ago)
Would it be possible to have wiki/forum alerts not inform me about posts I made myself? lol
I keep getting alerts every time I post or update anything
October 30, 2020 18:46 (5 months ago)
Ooh, I miss the button that saved your outfit for the post.
Ookami Kenran
October 30, 2020 19:27 (5 months ago)
I second this!
October 30, 2020 19:38 (5 months ago)
:O oh yeah we had this right? We'll need to bring it back, then.
October 30, 2020 20:48 (5 months ago)
Ookami Kenran
November 7, 2020 20:37 (5 months ago)
Oh, I forgot to mention the reverse avatar feature, I miss that too.
Ookami Kenran