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What do you think of Chibi Pixel Doll Dress-Up and what do you think will make it a site you want to keep going to every day?

Please give your feedback about the latest site features here. This is also where I will inform you of minor updates, like new items, and show previews of upcoming features sometimes.

Now, for your convenience:

Latest site features
  • Doll animation
  • Egg Mastermind (Easter event 2011 game)
  • Passing handheld items through the chat box (Valentine event 2011)
  • The Chat Box
  • Awesome event visuals
  • Sending Personal Messages
  • Password recovery
  • Oekaki board

New Feature!
When you're posting, there is now a check box under your avi that will let you save your outfit with your post, so it will stay the same even after you change your outfit!
I like it! :)
Papi's Attempt At The Coding Tutorial!

Papi made a present for you all. :3

It's still in the making though. :c
Thanks that's neat.

I'm going on a holiday. See you all in 3 weeks!
Have fun! c:
best wishes at japan! XD
I have improved the chat box emote recognition a bit.
Post by Karin censored by Karin
Hey guys! I've update the head line art of the base, such that it looks less awkward once your doll faces the wrong way. I don't think this will matter much for our items, since hairs aren't allowed to follow the line art exactly anyway.

Based on our logo's line art TM
for the most part ya that shouldn't effect anything but if anyone finds any glitches I'm willing to patch them up :o
New feature! The forum now remembers when you last read a topic, so unread posts will be bolded even when they're already a few days old.

(note: for it to start "remembering" you'll need to have visited the topic at least once, starting now)
I love this site!!! That's why I play it everyday!! ^_^
Kawaii Chup-chup
Me to
Minor release: I've opened the event section on the beta site, which has Halloween 2008 listed as fully playable. More events will be readded when their compatibility has been tested. We still have to improve the graphics as well.
Minor release: Xmas event 2008 is now playable on the beta site. I forgot how huge it was.
I don't really like the navigation arrows we are using right now, we need ones that are cuter!
Do you have something in mind?
Ookami Kenran
Happy new year! Would you like to give it a go? I think I'd like a fatter arrow, still pixel art, which matches the default logo colors. Large enough so it'd be easier to click on a phone. Oh and a highlighted version to indicate you're about to click something, even if you can't see that on a phone...
You said you wanted it to match the default logo... I am not familiar w/ imgur, but I can get you the layers so you can do the recolor thing with them too. What do you think though?
Ookami Kenran
Ooh looks nice I like the simplicity! Could you use the same blues as the logo?
New feature! We now have [dice] BBCode, use as follows: [dice]<number of normal dice you want to roll>[/dice] or [dice]3d20[/dice] number of 20-sided dice you want to roll (or any other number of sides), have fun!