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Pending updates
  • Changable pets that appear on your avatar

In consideration
  • Different poses for handheld items
  • A way for item creators to manage their items
  • Inventory + site currency
  • Earning currency through activities that help the site
  • Buyable items that are monthly/seasonal/depend on how long you've been a member/donation exclusive
  • Site promotion: ads on other sites
  • Item and Artist Search function

Please suggest!
  • More poses
  • More emotes
  • Main dress-up items
  • Ways to improve layout/navigation
  • Tiny improvements that can make a big difference
  • The thing you always wanted on an avatar site, but never could have. If we can make a big improvement with a tiny change we might do it right away!
  • General page maintenance (please report bugs in the info booth)

That's a good idea.~ Like if (of new users, items, birthdays, and oekaki) There is a birthday today, that section will be at the top(not including announcements, that should always be on top, right?)?
Ookami Kenran
i was wondering!! would it be possible to add a third check to the gender identity box for nonbinary people? something like ‘other’!
Certainly, would be the right thing to do in this day and age!
more mouths? i know its hard but like- some that are less dark? so like skin tone almost??? haha also hi everyone missed you all <3
Maybe could our username page carry our profile CSS like our items (artists only) page does?
Ookami Kenran
Oh you mean the dress-up/avatar tab? But only you can see it, right.
Yeah, but I code my profile for me, not the world. <3
Ookami Kenran
If I may, I kinda think the sign up and login button should look the same.
Ookami Kenran
No I tried that first but it's harder to use that way, because you'd always have to read what's on the button before clicking it.
Wave/hand up/hello arm pose: img
Ookami Kenran
Maybe we should steal some animal crossing emotes like the radiating flowers one. And maybe make some of the existing ones clearer to see.
Events should be more mobile friendly. If there are multiple npc's standing together it's hard to click in them.
Who wants to help me pick icons for the menu bar? You can choose all the ones here: https://fontawe...m/v4.7.0/icons/
I think you've done a great job! I especially like the one for forum~<3

I tried to look for a 'palette' one for oekaki, but I couldn't find one. :(

I prefer 'puzzle piece' for games, because I'm not competitive.

It's weird that they all look like different sizes. They don't look good toughing the border. Do you know why some are doing that?
Ookami Kenran
They are all different sizes, while they're all in the same set. Maybe there is something else I can do. I thought the trophy could be seen as "achievement" because they are all events that can be 'completed', but puzzle piece may work, too. There is also a gamepad icon, but I don't think it applies very well.

There is no palette but there is "pencil". Usually that means "edit" though.
In the chat box you can't see the usernames of the people chatting, which is inconvenient.
A way too keep track of items you like
Ookami Kenran
Ooo a favorite item tally or would a favorite artist tally be good enough? The favorite artist option could work like the best friends option on a friend's list, fav artists would be listed first and maybe updates on newly posted items?

Fav item feature could work more like the oekaki I suppose and could have its own section in the items tab :o

I think both could be very cool
I wouldn't want to add the whole artist... I sometimes only like one or two items from an artist

I had an idea for it today. It could work a lot like the items page, how you can veiw filter-able items (side note, can we please have a dropdown menu for artists too? I also very much like the idea of being able to filter by color.). The only two differences would be a blank start and there would be a place to add a new item to your inventory; I see that as being feilds to enter the artist, item, and color.

Will we be getting the lost and found back?
Ookami Kenran
I was working on incorporating the lost and found in the items tab, thanks for your suggestions!