by Jiuly

July 1, 2010

Whee, there's an awesome artwork by © Jiuly on my site!

I think you would enjoy drawing with a graphics tablet, that way you could make your line art look even better. Don't use a different line width for the face, though.
yes >w< it's so hard useing mouse for me X3
anyway i had totally forgot how it works so.. ^^''

anyway.. i wonder.. what kind of brush/pencil/pen/etc. do you use for make your line? or is the use of the tablet that make them so peculiar? :3
It's because of the tablet. Because it has pressure sensitivity I can draw the same pretty lines that come from special comic/manga pens.

Like I said, I bought my (postcard-size Wacom) tablet to become better at oekaki. Tablets are not so expensive anymore either. Though not everyone seems to like using theirs (Catie, Rosamond).