Jiuly's oekaki

532 | Artist: Jiuly | Time: 2 hours | Date: June 27, 2011 | Title: Moka - Mokona |
I found saturday morning that my cat Moka died on thursday 23...
a little thought in her memory... T.T

<3 <3 <3
I'm so sorry sweetie ;-; It's so hard to loose a pet </3

This picture is a beautiful way to remember her <3
That's so sad! I'm sorry to hear about your cat, Jiuly!
Aw, poor Moka! Rest peacefully in kitty-heaven.
It's clear your mommy loved you.

I'm so sorry for your loss Jiuly. -hugs-
Rose Mouse
thank you.. i feel quite ok right now..but going to sleep is the harder time because we used to sleep together (she usually took place near my legs, over the blanket)
thank you all for the thought.. it really means much for me <3
408 | Artist: Jiuly | Time: 41 minutes | Date: January 27, 2011 |
still working on :3

your ghostly cheshire cat ;)
I love that character.
love him too ^w^ <3
cheshire cat always rules <3
aw it's Boris I want to huggle him every time XD
104 | Artist: Jiuly | Time: 64 minutes | Date: July 3, 2010 |
know it ins't great but was tired >w<''
hope you like it anyway ^w^''
I love it Jiuly!! Thank you so very much!
Rose Mouse
102 | Artist: Jiuly | Time: 44 minutes | Date: July 1, 2010 | 2

That is so awesome, Jiuly! *treasures*
so happy you liked it! >w<
at the end i got a bit tired and couldn't thought how to do the body/pose.. but the face came nice.. even if it seem that you have a noughty expression XD
101 | Artist: Jiuly | Time: 2 hours | Date: July 1, 2010 |
Whee, there's an awesome artwork by © Jiuly on my site!

I think you would enjoy drawing with a graphics tablet, that way you could make your line art look even better. Don't use a different line width for the face, though.
yes >w< it's so hard useing mouse for me X3
anyway i had totally forgot how it works so.. ^^''

anyway.. i wonder.. what kind of brush/pencil/pen/etc. do you use for make your line? or is the use of the tablet that make them so peculiar? :3
It's because of the tablet. Because it has pressure sensitivity I can draw the same pretty lines that come from special comic/manga pens.

Like I said, I bought my (postcard-size Wacom) tablet to become better at oekaki. Tablets are not so expensive anymore either. Though not everyone seems to like using theirs (Catie, Rosamond).
45 | Artist: Jiuly | Time: 69 minutes | Date: April 22, 2010 |
lol... totally didn't know how to use it XD
you can delete it as soon as you like.. ^w^''
want know what rosa used to colors her
Aww, Jiuly looks cute when she sleeps.

Rosa didn't draw anything yet, but I can see why you would think the first one who commented is the artist... Still have to find a solution.

You can color below the lines using the layers menu. Put the colors on the layer at the bottom, and the lines on another one.
XD Yeah I haven't drawn anything.
aww.. ups ^W^ actually i thought that rosa drawn a lot like you XD
mine mistake :P

anyway... i totally need a guide to use it 'cause i don't know why i couldn't make clear colours (you see my black look gray) and i tried agai, but even useing differnt levels i couldn't coloe them as you do karin.. what instument do you use for coloreing? DX i'm so sad and feel really stupid with this oekaki... @.@'''
i tried almost all items but already hadn't fix how it work ;.;
*cries* I am crying because it's beautiful ... oh!! so great!!
looks like she's abit sick
Laciful Ally

*AZ is saying "Ohh... a bunny"
*don't know why the word doesn't show '3' must working on..
Aww :3 That is so cute!

I really admire how you drew the folds of her dress.
44 | Artist: Jiuly | Time: 75 minutes | Date: April 22, 2010 |
still think there some color option that i don't kknow how to use >.<''

wonder.. why couldn't use a specific brush type with different size? every time i tried the brush itself changed >.<''

color things is easyer in paint >.<
I like it, I think it's neat.

Better than mine anyway XD
actually i like yours! :O
i wonder how you make at some point the background with 3 colours and pois :D and sketch a bunny is hard in mine opinion X3 *jiuly copied your cloudbunny*
That's awesome ^_^

For the brush size, on that menu panel, there is a size and color button(or something like that) you can change the size from there.