july 2020 checking in lolol


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August 11, 2010 4:57 (9 years ago)
Lol post.
August 13, 2010 5:20 (9 years ago)
is it bad i forgot my password for a while? XD
August 13, 2010 5:49 (9 years ago)
yes it did i'm glad it worked out for you though x3 i saw your post in the support forum saying you couldn't get on your old acct XD
October 29, 2010 15:53 (9 years ago)
lolz idk
October 30, 2010 19:01 (9 years ago)
Thank you Bulbs. But no, my profiles are perfectly free. I don't have any accounts on any social site besides CPDD.
Rose Mouse
October 30, 2010 19:05 (9 years ago)
Oh and if you want to know which artist another user got their items from, look on their profile above the comments. There's little icons with links to the artist's profile. Sometimes you'll notice an item doesn't have a link, that means it's an item from the main Dress-up page. Also, when you go to the Artist's changing booth, and the item you want isn't in there, that mean you have to unlock it from the Events, also on the main Dress-up page!
Hope that helps you!
Rose Mouse
November 9, 2010 19:13 (9 years ago)
You're very welcome! But the events aren't that hard. I used to think they were hard too, but then I realized I was thinking too hard.
If you want some help, I can give you some hints.
I find it's best to try an event from the beginning and go through all the possible places in the event. Try on items and talk to people. Sometimes you get those items from inside the event (it'll say "This person wants to give you something! See what it is", or "See if there is anything you can use") or you might find them on the main Dress-up page.
Just keep trying. And if you get too mixed up, you can reset the puzzle from the main Dress-up page. There's a little rewind button!
Rose Mouse
February 8, 2012 19:39 (8 years ago)
You found me, Bulbsy! xD
February 8, 2012 20:13 (8 years ago)
I can help w/ events. :)
Ookami Kenran
February 8, 2012 20:43 (8 years ago)
Oh :d thank you! ^.^
February 8, 2012 21:55 (8 years ago)
That sounds right, it's been a while since I did that one, but I believe your on the right track. You may actually be looking for a specific item though.
Ookami Kenran
February 13, 2012 18:03 (8 years ago)
Welcome back to the site.
Rose Mouse
December 23, 2015 15:46 (4 years ago)
Hello ^^
February 19 20:48 (5 months ago)
Hey! ^^ Nice avi. <3
Ookami Kenran