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Apparently, everyone's doing these Q&A thingymabobers, so I guess I might as well join in.

Gender: I'm a girl! And if you couldn't tell THAT, you have some serious issues.
Age: I'm not touching yoooooouuuuuuuu.... what?
Height: 5'4"
Weight: To be honest, I have no idea... -.-;
Occupation: Uhm, ah, look, a leopluradon! *runs*
Location. U.S, but I'd rather be in France or Japan.
Gaian username: JoyOfLight
Kingdom of Knuffel username: JoyOfLight (*gasp* The diversity in username! I think I might faint!)

I'm an anime/manga fan, 75% obsessed, thank you very much, and proud of it!

Join date: September 16, 2008
Birthday: ?
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I dont know where she got it but it looks kewl
Hey!!!! It's Seraphia! I hate it how Karin won't add ANY naruto stuff!
Heyo :3 Come talk to meh D: XD

And the scythe was from the Halloween event. I forget the user who made it. -__-
hey :3 Lol thanks for talking to me :3 I want to change myself again DX
Just keep looking around. You'll find lots of stuff.
Watching Napoleon seen it?
Not yet. But I've heard that you either extremely love it or extremely hate it. And I think that humor is genetic, so since the rest of my family didn't like it...
And the descriptions of the movie that I look up never really explain anything. What exactly is it about?
aww.. thanks! ^w^
i think that your item are really cute, and most of all, really usefull! :3
Thank you~
Ello agains :P How are you?
Tired. I've been loaded down with enough homework this week to feed China.
Wow...that sucks. ._. I hope you get thru it. :3
the gloves dont show up at all T_T whered you get them socks???
Linsey: You'll have to talk to Karin about the gloves, but the socks are on BlackApple's page.