Character description for Chuu

ShimmerBug is my daughter.

IRL wise Chuu [or me] is..
D.o.B. November 23, 1979
a mum
sometime pixeler [not very good though]
preschool teachers aid
manga/book addict
obsessed with avatar and pet sites
I am The Pink and Green Dragon.

RP wise Chuu is...
A very random shape shifter.
Most commonly found looking like a mermaid or faerie type.
She is very scatter brained, and has a horrid memory for names.
Most of the time friendly, but she's got a nasty side, thankfully it rarely shows its self.

Other places I go:
GaiaOnline as Mage-Summoner
VarusOnlinn as dragon bound
Midorea as Yaneci DeNovi
DeviantArt as LadyLuriaVel
DragonCave as YaneciDeNovi
Kingdom of Knuffel as Mage-Summoner
Bunny Kingdom as dragon bound

YaneciDeNovi`s Scroll[[mine]]
ShimmerBug`s Scroll[[my daughter`s]]

from my luffly heyy13 <333

Join date: January 15, 2009
Birthday: November 23
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*rolls around*
I love you mostest!