I'm one of the main characters from a story written by Illyas James. Although here I'm more of an Avatar together with my friend Yuriko. While 'Ius' is working out the main plot and aditional story twists. Dymm would have joined us if we hadn't read the rules about the number of characters one may have.

Cyan is:
Forever 15 years old,
female (Atleast she used to be),
Tends to be afraid of the unknown,
Scared of small places,
Adoring of her older brother Dymm,
very cynical at times.[/center]

See her profile to get the info you desire.

Info of Illyas James;
first and foremost Illyas James is an working alias.
it's a name I'm drawn to use while I'm working on story's, drawings and anything else.
I'm in my twenties, going on thirties.
And I consider myself well in writing and bad in anything digital. I am a digibite.
I'm on severall character based networks like Gaia (prickyprincess-AngelNoir & Dark-Wish-Dreamer), KofK (Dream-Baby) and CPDDU (Yuriko & Cyan). Either for fun or to aid me in my story's.
In the near future I hope to be able to put in a link for you to experiance the story's.[/center]


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