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Description last changed on October 31, 2008

Ahhhhh!! ...
Hello! I'm Ashley, but usually known around the 'net as Hedj.

I'm 18 years old, currently living in the UK and studying ICT, English Language and Music in a Sixth Form.
But hopefully I'll be going to University to study Computer Game Design next year!

I came here from Kingdom of Knuffel, where I also go by Hedj. These are my Knuffels:

I also go on Dragon Cave!

These are my growing dragons, please click them!

I recently got pets on Chicken Smoothie!

Aaaand I'm on Gaia too, as Hedjie!

Join date: October 18, 2008
Birthday: ?
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I'm going as Goldielocks for this
Could you take your marshmallow to the camp fire please. There was a bug before.
... your marshmallow won't let me go into the event page??? ... XP ...
Ha ha, I stole your Ribbon!
Sorren Fey
I'm sorry, but I can't add new skins because of the arm poses I want to have in the near future...
Hello!.. *pokes*
I luffles your Wolf stuffs!..♥
nice dragons! i've always wanted a two headed one :D
Hey Hedj :3
Thanks for making the hair you've made. It looks cool~
Ashley.. are you willing to trade the green wolf with different eyes colur? *w* i really adore it!
give you all you want >w<

*jiuly is a cs collectionist for what she could..*
hedj Can You Help Me Find The Fox Ears And Fox Tail
do u know how to put a picture in ur profile & hi im new here
Could I/you recolor the wolf ears and tail for an item?
Ookami Kenran
Also, would you like to join my role-play?
Ookami Kenran