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This is a message to all of my pack members.

Before I do, I want to address some concerns. First, I want less human interaction. Also, I wasn't very proud of your (not everybody's) grammar. Please check, double check, triple check if you have to. TBH, I really didn't have much to gripe about. ^^;

If you wish to continue the RP w/ me, please take a visit to my profile and let me know. Do not post in the wiki, I will let you know when we can continue. We may restart, we may continue where we left off. Feel free to give me your input. :)

Hello everyone, welcome to NewBound Pack (Can you taste the fury?), my Wolf RP.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on her personal profile.

***Information subject to change.***Please look out for Bolded, Italicized, Underlined words.***

Rules & Dos & Don'ts:
-Follow all the rules of the site; you don't want Karin-dono to get mad at you.
-No cussing.
-No spamming. If you want to talk about something other than what's going on in the RP, go somewhere else please. This is a strictly a Role Playing place.
-Please don't join if you hardly ever get on...
-Three wolves/characters per person. For breeding, if you already have six characters between you & your mate, you can not have puppies, but, for example, if you have one wolf each, you can have four puppies at most, split between the two of you. If you don't understand this rule, feel free to comment my profile.
-Your character must be at least 50% wolf. This is a wolf RP after all.
-When you want to join, comment my profile, and I'll reply then promptly put your submission below if I accept your character.
-Please use proper grammar, and act like your writhing a story.
-No one liners. We want many words, we want to at least look literate. Also try to avoid two liners. This rule also helps with keeping the plot going.
-Be creative. ^^
-Make Banners. I can't be the only creative one. Just post any on my profile, & I'll put it on this page with your name. *Not a requirement
-Please, fallow the form accurately.

Name: [This wolf's name (first name only)]
Gender: [Gender of this wolf]
Age: [In wolf years please (seven for every one human year)]
Personality: [The way this wolf acts]
Rank: [What you do in the pack(see below)]
Family: [Who is related to this wolf (also include crushes) (in this RP)]
Color: [Color of this wolf's pelt]
Eye color: [color of eyes]
Breed: [Specific breed of wolf]
Other: [Anything you want can go here]
Picture: [A picture of this wolf]

Here are some pages you can use to make a drawing.
-onetrickwolf's Character Creator 1-
-onetrickwolf's Character Creator 2-
-wyndbain's Character Creator-
-Kaylink's Wolf Maker-
-khalypso's Create-a-Wolf-
-kcoyote's Create-A-Wolf-
-duckstapler's Create-A-Wolf-
Make, Print screen, Iaza.

List of Jobs or Ranks(in order from Greatest to lowest):
*Alpha Male - Highest rank, does everything from time to time.
*Alpha Female - Second highest rank, does everything from time to time; *Alpha Male's mate/lover.
**Beta Male - Adviser to Alpha; the "Vise" or second in command, covers for Alpha (when gone).
**Beta Female - Adviser to Beta Male; Beta Male's mate/lover.
Elder - A lot like the high counsel; adviser to the Alpha/s and Beta/s.
***Guardian - Guards the Alpha Male, Alpha Female, Beta Male, Beta Female.
***Fighter/Defense - Does any fighting; defending against attacks from other packs or wolves and on occasion, the Omega.
***Hunter - Hunts food
***Gatherer - Gathers berries, moss, and other things that could be used for things like medicines.

The firs five must be earned.

Short list: [right]By User:

By Rank:

Long list:
Alpha Male:

Alpha Female:

Beta Male:

Beta Female:

Other Members:



x <-> x
x -> x


PM me if you want the code to any of these. ^^
***Information subject to change.***Please look out for Bolded, Italicized, Underlined words.***

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Shinra timidly watched everyone else and slowly followed Kenra and Shinta and Onai into the charge not particularly being any help, but she tried her hardest to help bring the cow down by biting it's hind leg deeply as if she could hold it still
shinra suki
When Kenran noticed Shinra chomping down on the leg she called out "Be careful Shinra!" worried that she might get hurt; then she lunged at the throat of the cow, clamping down tight on the life blood vein of her. ((She's not dead yet guys! :O))
Ookami Kenran
*while Fireheart Charges through the forest looking for prey, she finds the remains of an eaten squirrel. Fireheart lifts her nose into the sky and smells. She hears a rustle behind her and flips around. She hears another rustle where she just was. Fireheart runs to a tree and climbs.(which she is best at) She sees two small foxes.She decided to leave them alone. She ran back to Kenran to warn her that there we foxes near by*
Kana watched Kenran and Shinra attacking the beast and decided to take action. She leaped forward and clamped her teeth into another of it's legs and bit down hard. "Be careful Kana!" Kimiko shouted, afraid of her daughter's health. The animal fell to the ground with the life nearly drained from it, and Kana waited for Kenran to land a final blow to kill it for good.
Ran was sure to not be under the cow when she landed, and when she landed she thrashed her head, killing the cow.
Ookami Kenran
Kenran landed the final strike and Kana leaped in the air, "Victory!" She shouted. Kimiko ran over to Kana. "Are you alright? No wounds? No broken bones?"
Kimiko fussed. "I'm perfectly fine mother, you don't always have to fuss over me, I'm not a little pup any more." Kana reassured her.

Claire watch the final blow and said "victory is ours!!!"
Shinra released the cow's leg once Kenran gave the final thrashing and backed away feeling helpful for once. She looked at Kenran with a shy expression and asked "D-did I do good?" She looked back at Shouta who had a worried expression as he came up and inspected her for any type of injury; Shinra looked at him and licked his nose making him blush brightly.
shinra suki
Kana grew somewhat worried for the pack as she noticed something strange, so she turned to Kenran. "Don't you think there are more hunters here than usual Kenran?" She asked her leader curiously.
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