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I seriously don't have any ideas to do today.

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I don't make profiles for others anymore. If you want me to answer any questions you have, I can help you edit your profile.
First read the Profile Styling Guide though. (Find it in the wiki section.)
Rose Mouse
As a beginner, you show your items in the user submissions page. :)
Oh, I code profiles if you like. :)
Ookami Kenran
The code needs to look like:
table {background: url(;}
for it to work.
Rose Mouse
Did I ever reply to you? I use GIMP. It's free and pretty much compatible with anything. :]
In the body section add: "font: arial;" (or whatever name of the font you want.)
Rose Mouse
You're welcome. ^^
Rose Mouse
your request is done Smile ^^ enjoy
Pink Rose
I'm glad you've liked it ^v^
Pink Rose
Don't forget to get your present from the Saint Nicholas event!
Rose Mouse
omg Smile lolz long time no see
Pink Rose
thank you so much ^^
Pink Rose
Thanks :3
What kind of things do you like? :)
Ohhh :3 its ok if late reply :P I know vocaloid too! Soo whos your fav. Character there? Mines Kagamine Rin and Aoki Lapis :3 also Megurin Luka and Hatsune Miku :3 in the boys.. Kagamine Len and Oliver :3 how bout' you? :)
Ill be busy too :( cuz its school time D: see yah^^