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[b]Reason:CAUSE ITS THE THEME FOR OUR SCHOOLYEAR BUT DONT EXPECT ME WITH THIS PROFILE FOR ONE YEAR OK?[or mabe I will use it for one year]................
hi everyone my name is Angel Claire D. Curativo
I am 13 years old,I know how to play the piano
and I am from the Phillippines..^_^
And I finally graduated elementery Atlast..
I am now a 7th grader in Dumaguete Science High School YEAH

Join date: March 24, 2011
Birthday: February 7
denan123 was last seen on October 25, 2014 (5 years ago)

Like I said, it's under construction and dead a little bit. We are talking with the other RPers to ask if they would like to restart, or something.
um,ok I maybe present at sometime here but mostly at Fridays..
Pink Rose
um, can I be your friend ? I like your profile, it's so cute ~
It's not a bother at all, but it looks like you've already got the colors changed.
If I don't understand, please explain what part you need help with a little more.
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If you want to change the font color of the text under the "Character Information", edit "color: #000000;" part under "body".
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How did you get the online and offline indicator(the picture in the word ONLINE...)??
You're welcome.
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would it be ok if amiah only communicated with animals? cuz trees and plants are flora's area of expertise. :P
ok your in ^u^
To change the font in your profile, go to custom style sheet and type font-family: (what font you like); font-size:__px; on the one (BELOW HERE) in your custom style sheet.It may look like this.:body { background: #______ url(___); color: #______; font-family: ______; font-size:__px; }
COPY-PASTE this if you want to.
Name: Angela "Gelai" Pineda
User: Kimi
Age: 11 and a half
Class: 6-A
Personality: Gelai is a loner and can be sensitive at times. She's good at leadership, but then, she doesn't agree when people encourage her for her leadership skills.
Other: Her only friends are Emiko and Trixia. The three of them are being haunted by a ghost named Almira, one of the popular girls at Cross High that died in an accident.
Picture: N/A
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Who You !?!?!?!?
This is a message to all of my pack members.

Ok, so we all know that the wiki has been still since the 5th of July 2012. I apologize for being gone, my previous job took a lot of time and energy, but now I wanna get things rolling again.

Before I do, I want to address some concerns. First, I want less human interaction. Also, I wasn't very proud of your (not everybody's) grammar. Please check, double check, triple check if you have to. TBH, I really didn't have much to gripe about. ^^;

If you wish to continue the RP w/ me, please take a visit to my profile and let me know. Do not post in the wiki, I will let you know when we can continue. We may restart, we may continue where we left off. Feel free to give me your input. :)

I look forward to talking to you again, have a nice life. :)
Ookami Kenran