Hey! Glad you/& could stop by! -^ w ^- > w <

We're an endogenic spiritual/metaphysical plural super system (not did)

We have at least 2 leaders of our system, Sol/Soul & Luna/Spirit

None of us have a gender nor are we genderless. We're pure consciousness. It's a spiritual thing. (non-religious)

We're all asexual/queer (whether we are on the aromantic spectrum, we do not fully know.) We are demiaesthetic.


Otherkin/polymorph Pride

We're really into spirituality, nature, science/quantum mechanics/string theory, the entire animal kingdom, anime, manga, video games, going for long walks in nature, reading, writing, drawing (we taught ourselves mainly), music/singing, and the LGBTQ+ community. Oh, and we're also learning how to sew. We plan on making some original cosplays once we become more experienced.

Don't be afraid to send us a message, we're all very friendly and love to make new friends.


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