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And since there are not many things I truly dislike we shall move on directly to a new subject....

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Welcome to the site! I love your drawings! If you need any help, ask me or a mod. :3
Vi0let~! it's me Jaychan from cromimi Hellur~! it's you from cromimi rite~?
Yes! I actually found this site yesterday through Cromimi!
hahah :) since I advertised it :D i'm glad my advertising is helping~! also reply on their profile or else they won't know you replied~
Vi-chan here's the roleplay we can start roleplaying now :D
there are still open positions ^^ if you click on my link you can see the link's available
Hey love your drawings friends with like I actually know her from school. So can you help me why my pixel drawing is clack and why there's know person?
live love laugh
Hey! I am still trying to figure out the pixel drawing too, I noticed the person would dissappear if I continued the drawing but the original kept the person but mine never went black o.O
I find myself having a strange craving for writing something~ I am not sure if anyone will see it here but it seems as good a place as any to post a a little story or pieces of one.


Rain drummed heavily on the window pane in the library as Violet sat curled up on the silt, concealed behind a thick curtain. Her gaze was fixed out the dark window, which fogged up from her breath being so close to the glass. Dark curls framed her pale face, giving her the solemn look of a porcelain doll, and her deep purple eyes gazed unflinchingly at the gloomy scene outside.

Letting out a soft sigh she dreamed of other places, mostly places in her mind that no other person could ever see. She sat there motionless for quite some time before she heard a distinct knock at the library door and the sound a nosy footsteps hurring in.

"Violet?" a familiar voice called, " Violet, where are you?" the voice demanded this time in a stern tone.
Hi Vi~ Do you go on cromimi?
I'm AmyNi there. xD