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Name: Ixchel Alaisia "Chellie" Fullana
Personality: Cheerful and bright, that's what Ixchel is. Always there to help. Every day is a brand new opportunity for her.
Other: She likes the outdooooooors! OUTDOOORS! OUUUUTDOOOOOOOORRRRSS~ She often wakes up early in the morning. Ixchel also knows how to play the harp and sing. She dances well also.
Gender: Female
Son/Daughter of: Iris, the goddess of the sea and sky, the personification of rainbows, and the messenger of the gods.
Picture: Click! oAo

Name: May-Ann Ivy Papadakis
Personality: Confident, determined, sharp, cold, bossy, but helpful too.
Other: She is awesome at sports, because she is very flexible. She likes playing at the gym, anything sporty when she can do it.
Son/Daughter of: Artemis

Name: Julie Anne Brown
Personality: Sweet,Smart,Confident but she thinks Negative at tragic moments
Other: She's very smart and loves being with animals especially to her pet pegasus Moonlight.
Son/Daughter of: Demeter - goddess of the harvest (and sometimes fertility (as in of the ground)
Picture: Click!

Name: Faith Hope Williams
Personality: Shy (She was nicknamed Shy by Athena.), wise, helpful, confident. She has negative traits too (selfish, while doing something she gets lazy when the time gets longer and sensitive.)
Other: She is good at music. Her pet goldfish, Nicki loves it when she plays a guitar. She is also good at pianos and flutes.
Gender: Female
Son/Daughter of: Athena, the goddess of the wisdom and crafts.
Picture: Click!

Name: Nikkita Arialus
Personality: Kind, she loves music and is really good at it. shes a bit shy, and loves to give people gifts.
Other: She plays almost every instrument, she just doesnt play the rock and roll ones like electric guitar etc. Her music is also really soft and depending on the mood of the music, it heals people.
Gender: Female
Son/Daughter of: Apollo
Picture: Click! :D

Name: Ageha Mizuki
User: Azumiow1315
Personality:Sweet,Kind,Helpful,A really dramatic lady,quite a great fortune teller
Other: Known as "Butterfly" around the campus,The youngest in the Mizuki Family,She is Excellent with her grades also she has a a pet Pegasus named LilY.
Gender: Female
Son/Daughter of: Artemis - goddess of the hunt, virginity, the forest, and youth (in girls)
Picture: Click

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November 16, 2011 9:58 (12 years ago)
Julie Anne Brown
First day of High School COOL!

Julie woke up, she was glad to see it was the first day of high school. when she went out of her room, her butler and maids came out greeting her "Good Morning,Julie Anne was from a wealthy father and her mother was a Godess Demeter,so she was used to being embraced by Lots of LOVE,She ate her breakfast,brushed her teeth and took her bath after changing her clothes, she went out to see Moonlight "Morning Boy,Wanna Fly?" she said as she rode Moonlight,"Let's go Boy!".
November 16, 2011 13:41 (12 years ago)

The sunrise looked amazing from the balcony of the Fullana household. The Fullanas were one of the richest families in town. The oldest daughter was sitting by the balcony, which was right outside the girl's room. Her name was Ixchel, Ixchel Alaisia Fullana. Sipping her hot chocolate, the girl stood up from her seat, then decided to go downstairs.

"Good morning, world," she said to herself, putting down her mug on the counter top of their kitchen while smiling. She then looked around, then after she went back to her room upstairs. It was still quite early to go to school, but she was already up and ready. Her peach-colored bag on her pastel bed was all fixed up and ready for the new school year. She ran over and grabbed it, then went back down. She looked around for her signature flower barrette, then after finding it, wore it on her curly blond locks. Since no one was awake, she just left a sticky note about her leaving for school on the door of the chateau.

She left the large house, walking away, making a way to her school. It was actually her second year in high school, but she was a transferee from another school. It was time to start a new life in a new school for Ixchel. When she was already at the school grounds, she heard beautiful music. She then looked for the source, it was a female violinist. "Wow, that was amazing," Ixchel said to the girl. "Good morning! I'm Ixchel. Nice to meet you." Ixchel smiled.
November 16, 2011 23:49 (12 years ago)
Nikkita Arialus
~Music is my passion.~

"Good morning, and thank you. My name is Nikkita, Nikkita Arialus." Nikkita stood from the tree and put away her violin. "Music is my passion, I use it to heal people, because I'm the daughter of Apollo. She smiled graciously as she held her violin case with both her hands.
November 17, 2011 9:32 (12 years ago)
Julie Anne Brown
Life....It makes me curious

Julie was flying with Moonlight in the sky,It wasn't new to Julie since she had Moonlight whenever she was a child,In fact Moonlight and she have the same age!, even though Moonlight is more clumsy than Julie,When they reached there Destination Julie shouted "Okay Boy we're here! but when they landed Moonlight tripped over his feet and Julie landed painfully on the ground just right where Nikkita and Ixchel were having a conversation "Hi? she said to them.
November 24, 2011 0:31 (12 years ago)
Nikkita Arialus
~Music is my passion.~

"Oh dear are you alright!? Here let me help you!" Nikkita lifted her by the arm and helped her up from the ground. "Are you hurt? That fall must've been pretty painful!" She got out her violin again and started playing soothing music, the pain just flowing away in rhythm of the violin. "Is that better?" She asked, her voice and her heart as sweet and pure as ever.
November 24, 2011 9:58 (12 years ago)
May-Ann Ivy Papadakis
Grr..No one even LIKES karate?!

Suddenly May-Ann bursted out in the scene.
"Grr...you better be ready to catch this BALL in five seconds!" she quickly said, and threw it HARD to some random person.
November 26, 2011 7:48 (12 years ago)
Julie Anne Brown

"I'm Fine now Thank you" Julie said with a smile.
November 26, 2011 12:35 (12 years ago)
May-Ann Ivy Papadakis
Hmph. Impressive.

Surprised that Julie caught it,she said,"Not bad."
November 26, 2011 22:40 (12 years ago)
((God modding alert D< Please excuse the last post. =D))

Nikkita Arialus
~Music is my passion~

The ball was flying at Nikkita, as it was close to her face she calmly took a step to the right, causing the ball to hit the tree and bounce onto the ground. "Is this your ball?" She asked, picking it up and handing it to the girl. "My name is Nikkita Arialus." She looked over at Julie, her graceful smile as charming as ever.
November 27, 2011 1:23 (12 years ago)
((oOPS. .-. but Julie's said ow!))

[b]May-Ann Ivy Papadakis[/b]

[b]"Yes, that's mine. I'm May-Ann Ivy Papadakis."[b] she said, still in her cold structure, but smiling a bit.
January 4, 2012 7:55 (12 years ago)

The youngest of the Williams family was already up, composing coutry music using her guitar while sipping her hot chocolate. Her name was Faith. Faith Hope Williams. After a few minutes she finished drinking her hot chocolate, and got a pink colored bodybag and wore it.

Faith ran to school and found some of her schoolmates having fun. She then saw an optimistic girl. It was Ixchel. "Um, hello, I'm Faith Hope Williams, you can call me Shy," She said. "And you are?"
January 27, 2012 11:18 (12 years ago)
Ageha Mizuki
Another pegasus rider?!

Ageha Mizuki came to her school with her twin sister Hana,"Too bad were not classmates" Hana said then she went inside,Ageha nodded then she saw girls outside,she decided to see them especially when another pegasus rider is around,"Hi Everyone!" Ageha said to the girls.
February 23, 2012 11:20 (12 years ago)
May-Ann Ivy Papadakis
Well, well, well.

"Oh hello." May-Ann said coldly. Accidentally.
March 2, 2012 12:02 (12 years ago)
Nikkita Arialus
So many people

Just as the crew were getting acquainted, the school bell suddenly rang. "Ah!" Nikki said with her soft voice. "I-I will see you all in class!" She picked up her violin case and ran into the school hurriedly.
April 30, 2012 13:36 (12 years ago)
May-Ann Ivy Papadakis

"See you there, then." she replied and carried her ball with her while running as fast as she could to the school.