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Description last changed on October 7, 2008

Hey people! Author-girl here(DUH!), but you can call my Kaylie. Or, you may also call me by my KofK name, Demoness, or Demon-chan, now that it's been broadcast who I am.

Congradulations to Tullym, the first one to learn my true identity! I don't know HOW he did, because I'm not even sure if I've seen him outside here, but he did, and I'll find some way to reward him...don't know how yet...

Anyway, my altered ego is Teh Lemonade Godess! That's also my theme for my Halloween costume! I'm in my costume now, and I'll post it here after I cahnge back, as well, as to imortalized my fabulous Lemony-ness!

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Birthday: ?
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It was simple, all the clues were there, 1.4k posts in word games, and it said Hopeful writer in your profile. It was just to simple ^^;
Congradulation Mr. Point-out-the-obvious! You are the first one to figure out the myseriousness was all a set-up to see who's observant, and who isn't! ~Confetti time!~ xD
:3 I'm the best
... and here I was thinking it was Ambi ... lmao ... >.< ... I suck @ guessing games ...
It's okay Michi-chan! I still think your cool...and you STILL remind me of Michiru-kun from KK...~surpressing fangirl moment~
Who's Michiru-kun?
... yeay, I'm kewl!!! ... and don't suppress fangirlness, let it flow girl!!! ... XP ...
Hoe! I know Author's KofK name, too.. >.<
Tullym just got it posted, first.. >.>

I just visited Author's profile now so yeah.. <.<
Anyway, hello there Lemon Goddess! ;) *huggles*
Hi Wolf-chan! ~huggles back~

By the way, Tully, Michiru is a really hot British guy in the manga Kamichama Karin.
... not nearly as hot as me though ... ^.^ ...

... Wolfy, I think a local saying applies to you in this situation: despues que le ve las bolas al perro sabe que es macho ... XP ...
hey guess who this is!
@Michi: LOL.. that's pretty funny, Mich.. xD
And i did know her even before Tullym knows.. :P

@Kaylie: Long live the Lemon Goddess!.. xD
*shoots lemon grenade @everyone*
~does random, smexy pose with lemonade gun~
omg! I can't believe this! Another girl made a naruto thing before and it didn't get accepted either!