Character description for Captain grvl

what can i say?
well, maybe i can organize the things in topics:

about me:
name: Bianca

nickname: Bia

age: 13 ( okay, i am new, but that means i am going to live more that you, HAHAHA!)

country: Brazil

likes: Computer, reading, animes, animals, making new friends, music,playing piano, etc....

dislikes: YOU( just kidding.... xD), school, homework, etc...

well... i don't like people that take to long to answer, but i also don't dislike them...

fav. animes: fma, naruto, blood , one piece, get backers, and planet survival.

my fav. emoticons: xD ^^ ¬¬ o.o

cute art bye aye:

and well... I'm what people call random. And i forget things easily, so if i forgot something, and you depend on it for living, so i fell sorry for you, because you won't discover it.
Usually, the only way to make me remember something is saying that something.
But dont worry, important things i always remember!
what more can i say?
I love animals.
I love computer games.
I love Fullmetal Alchemist!
And I play different of online games. So if in another game you met a grvl, grvl2007,grvl2008 or Hiako, there are 99% of chances of being me! ;)

Now guess who I am in Gaiaonline ; )
Lets say my username is almost the same.....
I have a awesome avi.....
I'm owner of a clan and a guild.....
now guess who i am there!!


the end!

Join date: March 21, 2009
Birthday: January 3
Captain grvl was last seen on September 4, 2009 (10 years ago)

What? Who are you? o.O
Where am I?
WHO am I?
Yeah they are... yet I know how to code gaia ones... kind of. xD
Awesome... 8D
Ookami Kenran
Really? Wooowwww~ *w*
Lol! It's really not too hard... ^-^ Though it helps to use a guide. ^^;

This is one of the ones I use if you're interested. xD
Yeah... there's a lot. ^^;; lol

And ok. :3
lol, ooooo.
Well that's true, parents make you feel too young. :s
lmfao, true. xD
>.> I guess I can't hang around anyone older than someone in their 30's, maybe.
Lol! Congratulations! :'D

I've only skimmed through it. x_x
lol wow, someone around there twenty's is my limit.
Although sometimes I don't know what they're talking about, which kinda sucks.
Haha! xD Well no one's making you, so it's all good. ;D
I am so sorry for the late reply ... but thanks for wishing me a happy birthday ! <3

Sorry for the late reply... been really busy. x-x