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Description last changed on September 30, 2008

Hello, I'm Homi!

*insert interesting description here*

09.30.2008: A new hairstyle was added to my changing booth! Yays!

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... um, so you go to the user submissions thread ... look around and pick out what you like right ... when you see something you like, click on the avi of the person that made it, and it will take you to their character page ... there they will have a link just like in your to the items that person has made ...

... it reads like this "This person has made items! Try them on" ...

... oh, but if you haven't changed your avi in a long time, you better do at the dress-up page, so it will unlock the changing booths at ppl's char pages ...

... don't know if I helped or confused ya though ... XD ...
It helped. It's just I don't see the link on any of the pages including mine.
I tried resaving my avi and it works now. Thanks for helping!
... glad to be of service ... now, that will be one choco chip cookie please!!! ... XD ...

What other items should I make?
Hi HomiCho! ^^ what else are ya gonna make OWO *waits patiently*
... how about making a Foxy hair doll ... *W* ...
What do you mean by a foxy hair doll?
... nothing ... >.> ... what are you talking about ... <.< ...
I love the hair you made.
Hey Homicho :3 Again I say hi :3 XD Lol I hope you make some items for us. I suck at pixel art so Lol ^.^;;;
Hi, your hair styles are incompatible with the new poses. Please check the Hair Tutorial for instructions to fix them. I hope you can get to it.
Nevermind, I fixed them for you.
Thankyou for your clothes! I really love the straight hair. It was definetely my favourite.
I drew a picture for you!
I'm not exactly the greatest, but I'm not good a drawing on a computer. From Georgia