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WOAHHH. I'm back. Maybe.

Hi, I'm K~a~i~l~l~y~! Please, call me Kailly so you don't have to make this sign:~ over and over again. (I only put them in it to make it stylish.)
I play:
This game.
More games like:
Savvy Style Trendsleters
Please look at my items in my shop! Code: T19R90A19! (Also known as Kailly :P)

Age: I don't think you care.
Hobbies: A lot or things.
Doing right now:

A lot more that I won't list because I'm wayyyy to lazy and stuff.


Join date: October 6, 2012
Birthday: December 28
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To enter the dressup contest, save ur picture then link the image url :)
Thank you! And a merry late Christmas to you aswell!
Happy birthday :)
Happy Birthday :3
January 4, 2013 4:13 PM Friday
Hey Guys! How are you doing? Well, great because it should be better than mine. Why you ask? I got hit in the face by a basketball! Sounds fun right? (Please don't do that guys.) How did it feel? HMM...TERRIBLE. The only good thing: it wasn't that bad. (And plus our team one!) How did this happen? This is what happend: In P.E., we were playing basketball, and someone on the blue team (the team I was on) passed the ball to me with the wrong throw. She threw a high one. She was NOT supposed to throw it like that. Then it hit the right side of my face, and BAM! It almost hit my eye. Then after that, only about 3 people really asked me if I was okay through the whole entire day. I am just really mad, and stuff, so yeah. I know I seem TOO mad, but whatever.

Bye for now!
Tired for nothing now. :/
You can see a different in length about once a week.
Oh ah.. Thanks for the greet wanna be friends your avatar looks nice
Alright.... okay I'm starting to give up on growing my hair in this game. LOL xD
I am happy that we are friends:)
Hai! I've seen you on cromimi! Are you the one that gave me angel wings? ^_^
Oh well thanks that was kind of you~ I was very happy!

Nice to meet ya! Somehow I registered here xD
You Guys Play Cromimi? >.< I Havn't Checked That In Awhile, But Last Time I Checked All Of My Cromimis Were Taken Away From Me Cuz I Dont Play The CrapTop Alot.