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Please join my Unofficial Chibi Pixel Doll Dress-Up Discord Server! 😄

Profile under construction.
...Profile always under construction! Haha!

I loved this site years back, and am so happy to be back! To all returning users, I am so excited to reconnect! I'm sorry I've always had a bad memory, and most of the details are lost. :(

I'm not like most kids my age... I don't have very good social skills, but I want people to tell me how the feel about me, be honest. I can handle a little hurt feelings and I appreciate honesty above all else. I know I'm not perfect and always look to improve myself.

  • Chaos.
  • Currently stay at home mom.

  • Getting married July 20th 2020.

  • Site artist.
  • Love to code.
  • Loves outdoors and working hard.
  • Loves animals
  • Learning Javascript. Then probably Java.

Current game obsession:
  • & nl as FaithDunn and SchimmelTrekpaard (Click the 'Horses' or 'Paarden' tab to see my herd. <3)
  • Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

Previous game obsession:
  • Minecraft
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • No Man's Sky
  • Creativerse

Join date: June 16, 2009
Birthday: November 15
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Name: Mitsu
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 3rd
Age: 9 years
Owner: Ookami Kenran
Adopted: November 16th, 2011

Hi!! Can you code mine? Btw whats a code?
Kawaii Chup-chup
Happy birthday! :3
Happy birthday Ran!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 8D best wishes!
Happy Birthday <3
Happy Birthday!
Would you be up for a 1x1 Wolf RP?
Elle Xias
Sorry didn't see your message.

Saffron is an elf with maybe a bit of drow blood but my DM didn't allow that. The last time we played must have been almost a year ago. The DM plays hockey nowadays in his spare time which is his way of meeting girls I guess. Ah that dice syntax is great indeed I should make that.

My oldest child is going to school now and the youngest is starting to talk and throw tantrums lol

Site's been quiet and empty. I still believe in it though!
Ooh! You made a pretty new profile! Are you hosting your images on imgur now?

Sure, you can talk to me about the CSS anytime

I found the site again! It's changed a lot since I played but that's one of the designs I made :3
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Thanks! I've been going back and re-doing some old items ^u^
i used to lowkey know back in 2012 but that's only because i followed the css tutorial but now even if i look at it i don't quite get it anymore huhu sorry
Aki Izayoi
Oh you mean giving a post likes or something, using a doll emote? Sounds like something that might work here!