Valentines Costume Contest 2013
Valentines Dress-Up Contest (Contests)

This year for Valentines Day we have a few fun and games here! :D

Check out the Oekaki Contest here!

This years holiday dress-up theme is : Sweet Hearts

This means that anything that makes you think of Love, sweet gifts, and anything Valentines Day!


+ Save and upload the image of your entry IN AN IMAGE UPLOADER! Posting the code from your doll will NOT keep your outfit, it will change its outfit when YOU DO.

+ If you do not know HOW to save and/or upload you image please KEEP ON YOUR OUTFIT and ask for a Mod to do this for you!

+ Please remember to save and upload your entry in your post! If you don't know HOW to do this than please say that in your post or else your entry will be ignored!!!

+ Only 2 entries per person

+ The Dress Up event ends on the 31st!



Valentines Deadline is : February 12th to February 28th

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Ookami Kenran - 1 , 2
Alerano - 1 , 2
AmyNi - 1 , 2
CoolCool9090 - 1 , 2
Aki Izayoi - 1 , 2
Pink Rose - 1 , 2
Kailly - 1 , 2
Jaychan - 1
Tiffany_May - 1 , 2
SamSamSeirra - 1

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Contest closed! Winners will be announced next thursday.
Whoo! Good luck everyone! Can't wait to see the results!
Okay, I'm now wearing my second entry!
samsam please read the comments, entries are now closed and judging has begun
Post by Alina_Mau censored by Alina_Mau

First Place : Tiffany_May, 1st entry
Second Place : CoolCool9090, 1st Entry
Third Place Alerano, 1st Entry
Honorable Mention Jaychan, only entry

Thank you all so much for entering! :D
well congrats for those who won
Aki Izayoi
Congrats Everyone!
Congratulations everybody!
I agree that tiffany should win cus the first one was amaz