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@karin i'm ok with pokemons item becaus eit's easyly found them (you can find all them on the event-page)

i'm a bit troubled with other events... is not much fun if i have to remember where a item was hidden in every event game :S
(is annoying getting lost in an old event just for find a particoular item, if you've already solved the event)

if you could add a tresaure-box on olds event too with all event related items as you did for pokemons appear only when you have solved the event..that it would be amazing..

or if it's troublesome maybe adding them at the "Lost & Found" once you solved the event :S
or.. it could be nice to find the event items (once you solved it all) in the artists booths
karin.. i was looking old easter 2011 event.. but don't know how npc booths don't works :S

beside that...even halloween bonus event 2011 is structurated with hidden items that would be fine in the "lost and found"
Hiya! I have a bit of a problem with the "Valentine/White Day Event 2013." For some reason after I obtain the dress from Koltira, I always get an error and it doesn't let me advance the story. I've tried resetting the game but I still got the same result.
Ah, there was an error with the pants he's giving you, I fixed it. Otherwise, that is the last line of the dialogue, so next you'll just have to meet up with him in the place he mentions.
Okay. Thank you! ^^
Hi! I have recently been having trouble with a few of the first events and I cannot complete the Christmas one. It tells me that I need to wrap up and be warm so I can go to the queen. I already have the princess with the king and all I have to do is get the scarf. Though I say ice and I also tried other words to tell the NPC I don't get the item. If anyone could help me with it I'd appreciate it! Thanks! ^^
Hi! I have a bit of a confusion regarding the zodiac event. It says that I have already completed the entire event, but then :
I don't understand how I can get the remaining items and it puzzles me more how the event says I'm already finished @_@ ?
Pink Rose
I suspect that the items from the Samhain festival (which was released around the same time) are also counted there, so don't panic. I'll try to clear things up.
I get this error or warning:
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'ali_plushie_tiger'] ['hat]['ali_tiara_silver'] ['hat]['ali_tiara_gold'] ['top' A' at line 1There may have been an error while trying to assign an item to you,
please post the current URL and following code in the information booth for a moderator to look at: hat]['ali_plushie_tiger'] ['hat]['ali_tiara_silver'] ['hat]['ali_tiara_gold'] ['topse_valentines_dress_red

sorry if I typed the whole thing instead of making image file of it XD
That looks scary. Which event were you doing?
The site's looking interesting today. I wonder what I did XD
Please stand by until tonight when I can fix the profile booths.
Oops, I think I broke posting there for a bit! Sorry Kawaii, cc!
It's okay!!! ^_^
Kawaii Chup-chup
Oh yah! I have a question! How do you get your pets?
Kawaii Chup-chup
That's still being tested. But they'll be available in time.
Yey!! Thank you thank you!
Kawaii Chup-chup
How can you edit your profile?
Fujiko Aragon
Here is the tutorial on how to edit your profile ^_^

Just simply click here!
Kawaii Chup-chup