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♥My Life on CPDDU♥
January 20th 2012: I joined Chibidoll
August 22nd 2012: Chibidoll's 4th Aniversary!
October 10th 2012: I was made a site artist!
October 14th 2012: My first Item was accepted!
December 20th 2012: My first CPDDU Birthday!
Feburary 10th 2013: Realised I'd been on chibidoll for over a year!
December 20th 2013: My second CPDDU Birthday!
January 20th 2014: My second year on CPDDU!
April 5th 2014: Became a site Moderator!
January 20th 2015: My third year on CPDDU!

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A Lull in the Sea

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Sword Art Online:

Sword Art Online Season 2

Blue Exorcist:


Fairy Tail:

Attack on Titan:

Beyond the Boundary:


Death Note:

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1:

Blue Spring Ride:

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Steam: Galactic_Cat

Chicken Smoothie: cεε_cεε ♫

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Join date: January 20, 2012
Birthday: December 20
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ty .w. i'm making another color atm which is the black one that fades out with blue bUT I DON'T THINK I CAN EVEN FADE OUT ANYMORE Q-Q lol
Aki Izayoi
While I do not fully believe that those eateries are not owned by you, I must say that I quite enjoy marshmallows and would love a tour some day. Be that as it may, I am still giving Cici's Pizza a bad review on Yelp. I did not know that you were a firefighter. It must be difficult balancing all of these jobs. I have gotten gum stuck in my hair before. It happened from time to time when I was a child. It had to be cut out, yet my hair was still always down to my bum. I am thinking about growing my hair back out to its original length. What do you think, CC? How long is YOUR hair?
You must play town of salem with me sometime =w=

SO HOW ARE YOU CC cuz I never see you anymore ;o; </3
Hi CC!!

I'm almost 3 months in this site and I'm so happy here!!! I love everything here! I can share fun stuffs to others and I can easily get along with different people from all over the world!!!

Thank you all of of the mods here who built this community and more power!! ^_^

Your fellow Chibidoll and friend,
Kawaii ♥
Kawaii Chup-chup
Thank you very much! :D
YASS 8D //rawr
yo look fabs, buddy ;o

you are my queen <3
Thank you <3 ;u;
potato dress is made and in wiki ;D
thanks cc!
Happy birthday my Potato Queen! <3
Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday CC :D