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Heyo! It's me Sisdoodle! Send me a PM and lets chat it up!

Online Besties: Jaychan, Alina_Mau, Tullym, RoboticSoul, CoolCool, and Jiuly!

Since the site has died basically... I'm really upset to even say so but please feel free to contact me in anyways possible!

Kik: sisdoodle
Skype: sisdoodlebug
Facebook": Sisdoodle Olivia Buono
Gaia: Funamusea
Snapchat: sisdoodle

Join date: April 11, 2012
Birthday: January 20
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Sorry I haven't been talking to you much~ :( I'll find some way to talk on some other time~ ^^
Happy birthday! :D
Happy Birthday!!!
Hmm no actually I think I probably broke it the last time I touched it, thanks for reporting!
Happy Birthday!
i use this site for make the background transparent

usually make items useing paint (the base version you see quite in all no big design programs) , save the immage with a background coloured with a color that i didn't use for the item and than use that site for make it transparent and trasform it in png :3

after that i save the immage on my pc and submit it :3
Thank you :D
[NPC] Takun
No thank you gals for being friendly , I like the friendly people on here , its nice break from other sites
[NPC] Takun
I am 22 years old :P
[NPC] Takun
Aww your to sweet made me blush a bit :P
[NPC] Takun
Oh Lol , i wish i was 15 again , lucky
[NPC] Takun
Thanks for the suggestion! I'll check it out!
I wish you a wonderful year~