Event Remakes
Shows progress on events pending for rerelease (Events)

To keep track of the status of the events, since not all have been released to the new site yet.


Rerelease pending

Working on

Up next

Steps needed to update an event

Event features that are not (yet) reimplemented
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April 29, 2020 22:52 (11 months ago)
Got Halloween 2010 to work!
May 1, 2020 0:02 (11 months ago)
Lets see if I'm subscribed to this one now.
Ookami Kenran
October 12, 2020 21:24 (6 months ago)
Now rereleased it, too (yes I was saving it for Halloween 2020)
October 18, 2020 22:11 (6 months ago)
Added some graphics to the first Halloween event to make the locations a bit more recognizable.
December 22, 2020 21:58 (3 months ago)
Xmas 2010 has been released December 15 2020, tweaked the css a bit just now